Functionality married beauty

The perfect match


Ultimate Dashboard

Daily expense vs income charts, summary cards and alien math working together seemlessly to bring clarity to your current financial standing.


Ultimate Functionality

Every functionality you will ever need to stay on top of your finances from tracking expenses to creating budgets, managing debt and so much more.


Ultimate Privacy

We set out to build a tool to keep you on top of your finances. That is it! Just a tool, it won't 'learn' from your data and it will never recommed things to you, it's a private affair. You are welcome.

The ultimate upgrade

Designed and engineered

To be simple, intuitive and powerful enough to keep you on top of your finances effortlessly.

  • Relevant prebuilt categories with the option of adding custom categories.
  • Support for 8 account types including Mobile Money & Crypto.
  • Budget, debt and account review & analysis.
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Adaptive display

Comfortable to use on any screen size

Smart Watch

Smart TV

Smart Phone/Tablet

Wherever you are on whatever device is availlable to you Fivay by Ndovu Nine will work.

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indepth introduction

Everything you need to use your app effectively

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    Blog section with tutorials and articles related to personal finance.

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From the Blog

News & Articles

23 JSept, 2020

Getting Started With Fivay

Getting started with Fivay is very easy. Simply open the registration page and input the requested details. Once you register you will notice that your dashboard is completely empty or filled with NaN values.

24 Sept, 2020

Budgeting 101 with Fivay

The most common personal finance advice is You need a budget. Which can be a difficult confusing statement when you are just now stating to manage your money like an aldult.

25 Sept, 2020

Loan Tracking with Fivay

Since technology got into bed with finance and begot "FinTech" there has been a surge of micro-lending services in the name of instant mobile loans deposited directly to your simcard. While these organizations brand themselves as saviours financing the previously unfinanced, reality suggests they are far from saviours.

The only personal finance

app that you will ever need & absolutely love. Coded to perfection by engineers from cybertron this laid-back app will run smoothly on all your devices making sure you can keep track of your finances at work, at home and even on the move! Dont believe us?